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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 8, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, legal marijuana. recreational pot going on sale today in washington state. the concerns about shortage with plenty of enthusiasm. >> there will be cops out on the streets looking for those people that are just too excited to wait till they get home. >> the state's first shops open in a matter of hours. then a scary ride for thrill seekers at a california amusement park. they were stuck on the ride for hours. what caused the accident? also, a young child left behind on the new york city subway. this morning, the latest on the woman last seen with the baby. and serve yourself. the new beer machine being used to serve thirsty people at the m midsummer classic. no more shouting for the beer
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man. good morning, washington makes history this morning becoming the second state in the nation where pot is legally sold. >> about two dozen licensed stores are making last-minute preparations are customers already lined up. >> some retailers are warning they may run out of weed as early as today considering the demand. with more, here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: the permits in hand, the shelves stocked. history in the making for washington state. >> we're not. not till tuesday. tuesday, yep. >> reporter: recreational marijuana sales become legal in washington and retailers are getting ready for the rush of customers. >> there could be anywhere up to 10,000 people here. there will be cops out on the streets looking for those people that are just too excited to wait till they get home. >> reporter: this comes two
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years after washington residents voted to legalize marijuana sales for anyone over the age of 21. it passed at the same time in colorado. >> there you go. >> reporter: which started allowing sales back in january. >> have your i.d.s ready. >> reporter: already business there raked in $70 million giving the state 11 million in taxes but washington is starting out slower. of the more than 300 legal marijuana shops expected to eventually open, only about two dozen including just one in seattle have permits to start sales. still, growers are struggling to meet what they expect to be a huge demand. >> this whole past week we've been working 12 to 15 hours a day. i hear there's about 500 pounds for the whole state and that means there's going to be shortages for people. >> reporter: and protesters plan to be outside some of those pot shops today saying they want to raise awareness about the health and safety issues they claim are linked to marijuana use.
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reena and tahman. >> our thanks to marci. one more note about pot. new york is the latest to use medical marijuana. governor cuomo was there for a signing ceremony. it limits the use to those suffering from diseases and must be inhaled through a vaporizer. a terrifying ordeal at six flags in los angeles. riders left suspended high in the air for hours. it happened on a roller coaster at magic mountain. a car carrying nearly two dozen people hit a fallen tree. here's abc's treat think arla. >> reporter: a 55-mile-an-hour thrill ride turns dangerous. the car left dangling over the rails after park officials say a tree fell onto the track. >> it's at a 45-degree angle banked to the right and 45-degree angle down. >> reporter: witnesses heard screaming just after the accident. >> it sounded like they were
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like panicky because they didn't know what to do. >> we were just confused and scared and didn't really know what was going on. >> reporter: it happened on the ninja roller coaster at six flags magic mountain outside of los angeles. more than two dozen stranded on the ride. they were stuck 20 to 30 feet off the ground, some for hours as emergency crews worked to get them off one at a time. >> there's obviously a lot of panic, confusion. this could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: four people suffered minor injuries. one of then was seen wearing a neck brace. firefighters put chains around the dangling car to keep it from falling while they worked to rescue riders. >> this is not a common incident. this theme park particularly in l.a. county here services, you know, thousands of people a year. >> reporter: despite the chaos the park remained open. >> it made me a little bit uncomfortable because, you know, if stuff happens on rides maybe it might happen on the ride i'm on. >> reporter: park officials say the ride will be closed until they inspect it and the area around it. preeti arla, abc news,
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washington. >> all right, thank you. a big section of the country is recovering from a wave of violent storms from nebraska to new england. wild weather rode into the boston area overnight with vivid bolts of lightning crackling over fenway park. tornado warnings were issued for parts of massachusetts and the powerful winds sent trees crashing down on homes. western michigan is cleaning up after getting slammed by a tornado. the twister was on the ground for ten minutes tearing through more than six miles near grand rapids. winds topping 100 miles an hour ripped the roof off of a strip mall and damaged more than 50 hopes. well, time now for weather across the nation. look for more severe storms in the midwest today and making their way into the east, thunderstorms in the southwest could cause flash flooding or dust storms rainy today in florida and along the gulf coast. temperatures in the east and south will be in the 90s, cooler in miami and los angeles will only reach the low 80s. the same as seattle. well, a powerful tie froon
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has hit the southern japanese islands disrupting travel and prompting u.s. forces based there to cancel all outdoor activities. it was one of the strongest storms to hit japan in a decade with bends gusting topping up to 150 miles an hour and waves up to 50 feet high. after hitting okinawa it is expected to weaken in cooler waters. most of the 50,000 american troops in japan are based in okinawa. breaking news from afghanistan. four nato service members were killed in a taliban suicide attack in the parwan province near kabul. two police officers were killed and the soldiers were delivering school supplies when the suicide bomb blew up. president obama is urging israelis and palestinians to show restraint and end the acts of retribution in the recent round of vice. this comes as israel this morning launches another round of air strikes against targets in gaza. dozens of rockets were fired.
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the israelis called the operation protective edge and is expected to last for awhile. there are auroras israel is preparing for a ground invasion. now to the terror mastermind leading the wave of violence across iraq. the u.s. is so concerned security has been stepped up for airplanes traveling here. abc's brian ross has more. >> reporter: not since osama bin laden has any terror leader caused so much concern for the united states with his simultaneous threats and battlefield successes. in this new video posted online the once camera shy abu bakr al baghdadi claimed he was the new prince of the entire muslim world. >> almost all around the world are horrified at that. >> reporter: but al baghdadi's threat to create a new islamic state is backed by fighters from around the world including the u.s. and millions of dollars.
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his group is either rapidly seized or is in a wide swath of territory across iraq and syria, a place where officials say could become a launching pad for attacks against the u.s. now a threat to u.s. bound aircraft from jihadists with western passports in syria and iraq carrying bombs to designed by a master al qaeda bombmaker. >> today i think the threat is real. it is strong and clearly u.s. is the number one target. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence reports indicate the bombs could be carried into electronics with explosives hidden in batteries in x-ray screenings. that's why travelers on select flights from overseas into the u.s. are being told they must first turn on their electronic devices at security screening checkpoints being allowed to board their flights. brian ross, abc news, new york. a northern california deputy will not face charges for shooting another teenager who was carrying a bb gun. the district attorney's decision
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sparked protests on the streets of santa rosa. he told investigators he thought the gun was real, that it was an assault weapon when he ordered the buy to drop it. when he failed to follow the order and started to turn around he was shot seven times. well, coming up, chevy's new deal with one of the world's most popular soccer teams. the bakery chain now shuttered. the big money deal that would compensate thousands of former nfl players for concussion-related problems. it's now cleared a major hurdle. we'll be right back.
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♪ when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line at 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. welcome back.
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raising the minimum wage could be good for the economy. a study finds that there's been stronger job growth in all 13 states that raised their minimum wages in january than in the other three dozen that didn't. critics of minimum wage increases say they hurt job growth because employers can't afford as many workers. well, california now has the world's eighth largest economy. it's bigger than russia and italy, and the golden state's economy is even closing in on france and britain. economists point out that california has silicon valley and the movie industry, and just like some hollywood actors, the state's making a comeback. well, reena, a favorite of cupcake lovers is gone. crumbs notified employees at the close of business yesterday that operations would cease. the bakery had stores in a dozen states, but it's recently has seen a deep decline in sales. trading of crumbs, shares were suspended a week ago because of insufficient assets.
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so, a top british soccer team is going to be advertising in all-american car. manchester united's jerseys will have a chevy logo on the front. it is worth $70 million just this year alone. gm plans to discontinue the chevrolet brand in europe, but manchester united has many fans here in the u.s. the new uniforms debut at the rose bowl in two weeks. okay, and beer drinkers at next week's all-star game will be able to serve themselves. the beer vending machines are already in place at target field in minneapolis. so customers will get a choice of four beers and the quantity. the beer's priced by the ounce. they'll be also proofed by humans when they buy the special debit cards and maybe again when they pour themselves some suds. >> looks like a lot of fun. >> wow, interesting. >> no more beer man. hey, beer man. >> it's a staple. when we come back, the child left behind on a new york subway. now word her mother has been found. and serious business at the
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and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. welcome back. that may look like a big pile of dirt, but it's actually one of the last remnants of winter in southern minnesota. locals say it's not unusual to see ice left over from the cold months in early july, but drop by drop, it's going away. it's raindrops that are a problem for drivers in minnesota as well as the rest of the great lakes and ohio valley. they should watch out for flooding. roads will be also wet in the southwest, florida and along the gulf coast. and if you're flying, airport delays possible in memphis and phoenix. back to the news now and the intense search here in new york for a woman who abandoned a baby on a subway platform. police say they now have the young mother seen on this surveillance tape in custody. they say she suddenly decided yesterday that she
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could not take care of the 10-month-old girl and pushed her off on a subway train. it's not clear whether she'll be charged. a good samaritan stayed with the baby for 20 minutes before calling police. president obama is expected to ask congress today for more than $2 billion to deal with the growing border crisis. the emergency money would go toward immigration judges and detention centers. the white house says it expects most of the women and children who arrived here from central america will be returned home. >> it's unlikely that most of the kids who go through this process will qualify for humanitarian relief, which is to say that most of them will not have a legal basis, will not be found through that court process to have a legal basis to remain in this country. >> but the united nations is pushing a plan which would give migrant protections as refugees meaning they could remain here in the u.s. a bombshell in the legal case over ownership of the los angeles clippers. a neurologist who examined him, the owner, donald sterling, said
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he has alzheimer's disease. at issue is whether sterling is competent or whether his wife can go ahead and sell the team. sterling's attorney says the doctor's testimony violated doctor/patient privilege. sterling himself may testify later today. there's good news for many former pro football players injured on the field. a federal judge is giving preliminary approval to a deal to compensate the ex-athletes for concussion-related injuries. more than 4500 former players had filed suit against the nfl. the judge rejected an earlier settlement that put a cap on how much the league would have to pay. all right. the first of two world cup semifinals is being played today as germany takes on host brazil. >> the brazilians come into the game a bit shorthanded. their star striker is out because of an injury, and their captain won't be playing. he's suspended. >> and the germans will be looking to avenge their loss to brazil in the 2002 world cup final. coverage begins on espn at 3:00 eastern. tomorrow, it's netherlands versus argentina.
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>> okay, i'll still watch even though the u.s. isn't there. time now for some baseball interleague style. >> we get last night's highlights from our guys at espn. good morning, america. he's stan. i'm neil. trace is on jib. he's got a baby at home so he actually may be awake watching it when it runs. let's start with baseball. a's and giants. it's a bay area thing. athletics came in with the best record in baseball and adding to it. bottom five, no score. runners on the corners. gentry scores and the a's up 1-0. bottom seven, one on, a's up 4-0. josh donaldson with a base hit. cespedes comes in to score. next two in san francisco. a's strike first, 5-0 behind jesse chavez. let's go to washington. the orioles in town, so you know that's a crosstown thing and top of the 11th, runner on first. score is tied and khris davis is going to untie it. two-run shot. boy, he -- it's been a long time coming for him, his 14th and then nancy drew's favorite
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player, j.j. hardy, came up and he went yard and then they changed pitchers and it didn't matter because manny machado goes yard in front of fans. oral wols win 8-2. >> interleague baseball makes me yearn for the old days when they were confined to a certain time and you knew they were coming. you know? >> the old days just make me feel old. >> back to you. >> we feel young. up next in "the pulse," one airline's latest attempt to make passengers watch their safety video. and the danger by the side of the road at the tour de france. beware of the selfie taker. tour de france. beware of the selfie taker.
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those safety videos before the flight. but they really want us to pay attention. >> but air new zealand may have gone too far with a sexy video featuring top "sports illustrated" swimsuit models. opponents said it was sexist, culturally insensitive and, well, we can't repeat one of those comments. got my attention. >> they say it didn't bow to pressure but has replaced the video just as part of a normal rotation, of course. there are kids watching. come on, people. >> yeah, maybe you're right. here in "the pulse" yesterday we told you about the embarrassing situation for one rider on the winner's podium, but today a problem for all the riders. >> yeah, with three stages in the books, riders and organizers are asking fans to stop taking selfies. they say spectators waiting in the road to get the perfect shot with the riders behind them, that's a safety threat. >> what about photobombing? one american rider even tweeted calling selfie taking a dangerous mix of vanity and stupidity.
4:24 am
he included a simple #think. yeah. well, there you go. >> people need to be safe. >> photobombing, same difficulty, as well. if your idea of heaven is being glued to the computer screen, netflix has a job for you. >> i love netflix. >> the company wants someone to watch movies and tv shows which haven't been streamed yet and then tag them. >> interesting. the tagging helps other customers find new programs to watch. as for job requirements, netflix says it's looking for someone who is a real expert in movies and tv. i bet there are a lot of couch potatoes out there who could do that. right now the job is available only in ireland and the united states -- or the uk but if they came here, reena, i think i could do it. i watch a lot of tv and movies. >> i would go to ireland or the uk just to do the job. >> probably a good idea. >> does that mean you have to watch european programming too or just american shows? >> it's all the same. we get some of the same stuff. would they fly you over there. >> probably business class. that's the way you roll. >> interesting. >> for some of you, local news is up. >> for everyone else, we'll be right back. of you local news is
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good tuesday morning. it is 4:28. thank you very much for joining us. don't want to be the one who drags down the flow of the show. >> i am sure our viewers look good. meteorologist mike nicco, does it look great out there? we will see more sunshine than year. we still have sprinkles but mostly not making it to the ground. you can see which way it is moving, pretty much to the west or the north in the north bay. that is going to be the case as we head to the afternoon hours so we will see increasing sunshine but for the coast where we will be stuck with clouds and nearly 60. 67 in san francisco. 80's inland especially the east bay. good morning, leyla gulen.
4:29 am
we have our hand full this morning. good morning, everyone, as we take you to the altamont pass traveling there in the westbound direction we have a five-car crash involving a big rig over to the shoulder at green belt were we have slowing in both directions and there is spectator slowing along eastbound. if you headed northbound along 87 up to taylor we have a solo vehicle crash blocking one lane and not look at delays in the southbound direction. if you need to make it to the san jose airport, no delays. it is empty out there with early risers making it into san francisco but other than that, easy-breezy. san francisco police are searching for the man behind a frightening home invasion robbery inastro district. especially frighten is how he got in. nick is in castro with the latest. good morning, scary moments
4:30 am
for a pair of homeowners in castro and the man they are looking for is still out there. police are calling this a hot prowl when someone breaks into a home without knowing if it is occupied looking for a quick score. with a home invasion the perpetrator enters with the intent to problem ok patches, san francisco police say at 1:30 this morning a man broke into a home at 19th and how he may have done it is particularly stubbing. the suspect may have broken into the home by putting his hand in the mail slot. both homeowners were inside and the suspect said he had a gun. he took personal items and portable electronics and left the home without injuring either occupant. police used the tracking function to pinpoint the items and last their suspect but they have not said where they lost the suspect. what they are not clear is whether they believe this couple who was


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